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Betting Parlay Calculator

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How To Use The Parlay Calculator

A Parlay Calculator that is free to use, enabling you to include multiple selections to determine your parlay odds and the potential payout. Simply enter your stake and odds in American format to instantly calculate your parlay payout for today.

The Forbets Parlay calculator is incredibly user-friendly, offering a straightforward method to compute your parlay odds, possible winnings, and payout for any parlay bet, regardless of the odds format.

  • First, enter the amount you want to stake on your parlay in the ‘Bet Amount’ box at the top.
  • Second, input the American odds for your first selection in the parlay.
  • Next, click the ‘add leg’ button. This action will include your selection in the slip and clear the odds box.
  • Then, enter the odds for your next parlay pick and click ‘add leg’ again.

Continue this process until you have added all the odds for your parlay selections. The parlay calculator will automatically update your winnings and payout each time you add another leg.

To calculate the payout for a different parlay, simply press the reset button at the bottom and repeat the steps above.

How to Calculate Parlay Odds & Parlay Payouts

Understanding how to calculate the potential winnings from combining multiple picks is a frequently asked question about parlays.

Parlays allow you to combine various types of bets such as spreads, money lines, prop bets, points totals, and more.

To calculate your parlay odds, multiply the individual odds of your selections. To determine the winnings, combine these odds with your stake. Consequently, your total parlay odds will vary based on the individual odds of each selection.

Many parlay bettors tend to focus on spread lines, especially in sports like NFL and NBA, where the odds don’t vary much. The odds are relatively standard across sportsbooks for each game, typically around -110.

For instance, if you have a 4-leg parlay with each leg at odds of +200 (or 2/1 in fractional and 3.0 in decimal), your parlay odds would be 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0, which equals 81.0 or 80/1 or +8000. You then multiply the odds by your stake. So, a $20 bet on this parlay would yield a return of $1620. But don’t worry, the Forbets Parlay Calculator does all the math for you. Just enter the odds of each selection and your stake, and it will calculate your parlay odds and payout.

To secure the best odds on a parlay bet, it’s essential to recognize that sportsbooks are highly competitive and often strive to surpass each other with attractive odds across all their markets. This is where the importance of shopping around becomes crucial, particularly when placing a parlay bet. Since parlay odds are derived by multiplying the odds of each individual selection, even slight differences in these odds can significantly impact the overall parlay odds.

For instance, consider a 4-leg parlay where each selection is at +200. In this case, the parlay odds would be +8000. However, if there’s even a minor increase in the odds to +210 for each selection, the overall parlay odds would rise to +9850. This demonstrates how small variations in individual odds can substantially affect the total payout of a parlay bet.

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