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Troy Trojans

The Troy Trojans football team represents Troy University in NCAA Division I FBS college football competition.

Team History

The Troy Trojans football program has a rich and storied history, marked by periods of growth, transition, and remarkable success. From humble beginnings, Troy has become a force within the Sun Belt Conference, achieving numerous championships and producing players who have gone on to shine in the NFL. The Trojans’ journey has been one of perseverance and determination, exemplifying the spirit of collegiate athletics and the passion of its dedicated fanbase.

Throughout their history, the Trojans have faced challenges and celebrated triumphs, building a legacy that continues to inspire. Their underdog spirit, their never-say-die attitude, and their consistent ability to punch above their weight have made Troy football a fan favorite and a respected opponent across the college football landscape.

Foundation and Early Years

Troy University’s football program was born in 1909, taking its first steps at the then-named Troy State Normal College. These early years were characterized by a typical mix of small-school victories and challenges. The fledgling program competed against other regional colleges and universities, building a foundation of grit and resilience that would become a hallmark of the team in the decades to come.

The Trojans played within the Alabama Collegiate Conference in those early days. While success was not always readily apparent in the win column, the program laid the groundwork for the eventual powerhouse it would become. These foundational years instilled in the Trojan players a spirit of tenacity and a belief that any opponent could be beaten with the right mix of preparation, execution, and determination.

Notable Early Achievements

Even during these initial seasons, the Trojans secured a few hallmark victories that foreshadowed their potential. In the 1930s and 1940s, they saw triumphs over teams like the Mississippi State Bulldogs, demonstrating their ability to upset larger programs. These victories served as early signs of the Trojans’ giant-killing potential.

The Trojans also found early success in their conference, winning the Alabama Collegiate Conference on multiple occasions during this era. This began the tradition of championship aspirations for Troy football. While national titles may have been out of reach in those early days, the taste of conference success planted the seeds of ambition that would later bloom into a nationally recognized program.

Periods of Change

The Troy Trojans have undergone significant transformations throughout their history. The move from smaller divisions to the NCAA Division I-A (now known as FBS) in 2001 represented a turning point. It brought new challenges and opportunities, as the Trojans had to adapt to a higher level of competition. This transition required a shift in recruiting, training, and overall mindset as Troy ventured into the realm of larger, more established programs.

Another notable period of change occurred with coaching shifts. The legendary Larry Blakeney led the team through much of its rise, leaving an indelible mark on the program. Subsequent coaches, like Neal Brown and currently Gerad Parker, have had to preserve that legacy while injecting their own style and vision for the future. Each new coach has faced the challenge of balancing the program’s history of hard-fought success with the need to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of college football.

Championships and Achievements

The Troy Trojans boast an impressive record of championships and achievements, particularly in recent decades. They have won an impressive seven Sun Belt Conference championships since joining the league in 2004. Additionally, the Trojans have earned multiple bowl game victories, becoming a familiar and respected face in the postseason landscape. These achievements solidified Troy’s position as a dominant force not only within their conference, but increasingly on the national stage.

Beyond conference titles, Troy has achieved national recognition for its success on the field. The 2022 season saw them ranked #24 in the College Football Playoff rankings—no small feat for a program that began life as a small teachers’ college squad. This rise to national prominence serves as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and strategic execution by the players, coaches, and support staff throughout the years.

Current Roster

The Troy Trojans’ current roster is filled with talented and dynamic players. Among their ranks are explosive running backs like Kimani Vidal, quarterbacks with strong arms and leadership skills such as Gunnar Watson, and playmaking receivers like Jabre Barber. The defense boasts hard-hitting linebackers, ball-hawking defensive backs, and a formidable defensive line. This blend of skill sets and athleticism makes the Trojans a dangerous and exciting team to watch on the field.

The current roster reflects the Trojans’ successful recruiting endeavors and the coaching staff’s ability to identify and develop potential. This collection of talent forms the cornerstone of Troy’s present-day aspirations as they seek to build upon their established legacy and push for even greater heights in the competitive world of college football.

Management and Coaching Staff

The Troy Trojans football program is supported by a dedicated and experienced management and coaching staff. Head Coach Gerad Parker brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to developing players both on and off the field. He’s surrounded by a team of skilled assistant coaches specializing in each position group, ensuring a comprehensive approach to player development.

The team’s management staff works tirelessly behind the scenes, handling logistics, recruiting, and providing the necessary support for the team’s success. This collaboration between management and coaches creates a strong foundation for the program’s continued growth and achievement.

Home Stadium Information

The Trojans play their home games at the iconic Veterans Memorial Stadium, affectionately known as “The Vet.” Located on the Troy University campus, the stadium has a capacity of 30,000, creating an electric atmosphere for game days. Having undergone multiple renovations, the stadium offers fans a comfortable and modern viewing experience, while still preserving the history of the program.

Veterans Memorial Stadium stands a testament to the Trojans’ commitment to excellence. Its roaring crowds contribute to a fearsome home-field advantage, making it a fortress for Troy football and a symbol of its rise to prominence.

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