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Wofford Terriers

The Wofford Terriers are a college football team known for their competitive spirit and achievements in NCAA Division I FCS.

Team History

The Wofford Terriers football program represents Wofford College, a small liberal arts college located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The program has a rich and successful history within the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), formerly known as Division I-AA. Wofford’s football tradition is distinguished by its commitment to a potent triple-option offense, a tenacious defense, and an emphasis on discipline and character.

The Terriers have emerged as a dominant force in the Southern Conference (SoCon), consistently vying for conference titles and making deep runs in the FCS playoffs. Their sustained success is a testament to their unwavering dedication to their unique brand of football.

Foundation and Early Years

The Wofford Terriers football program was established in 1889, making it one of the oldest in the Southern Conference. The early years were marked by the typical ups and downs of a fledgling program, facing a mix of local colleges and military teams. During this formative period, the Terriers developed a reputation for their scrappy, determined style of play.

Despite limited resources, the Terriers achieved moments of success in the early days. They claimed a share of the title in the South Carolina Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SIAA) a few times before World War II halted the program.

Notable Early Achievements

After football resumed following the war, the Terriers continued to build their program. One notable achievement was capturing the 1956 Tangerine Bowl (now known as the Citrus Bowl) championship, marking a significant milestone.

Another highlight of the early era was the 1999 season, where the Terriers earned their first invitation to the NCAA Division I-AA playoffs, establishing the foundation for future playoff appearances.

Periods of Change

The Wofford Terriers experienced a transformative period in 1988 with the arrival of head coach Mike Ayers. Coach Ayers’s philosophy revolved around the triple-option offense, a run-heavy approach that emphasizes misdirection and precision execution. While initially questioned, this shift proved revolutionary as the Terriers embraced the system and began winning consistently.

Further change came in 1997 when the Terriers joined the Southern Conference. This move propelled Wofford into a more competitive environment, leading to numerous conference championships and establishing them as an FCS powerhouse.

Championships and Achievements

The Wofford Terriers have amassed an impressive collection of championships and achievements, particularly in recent decades. They have won eight Southern Conference titles, most recently in 2019. Additionally, they have made numerous FCS playoff appearances, reaching the quarterfinals five times and the semifinals twice.

Several Wofford players have garnered individual recognition. Players like Eric Breitenstein have earned All-American honors, and some Terriers have even found their way into the NFL.

Current Roster

The Wofford Terriers roster is composed of dedicated student-athletes who excel both on the field and in the classroom. The team is built around a core of experienced upperclassmen who understand the nuances of the demanding triple-option system. Several underclassmen are rising stars, poised to carry the torch of Wofford’s football tradition.

Management and Coaching Staff

The Wofford Terriers football program is currently led by head coach Josh Conklin, who took over in 2018. Coach Conklin is a Wofford alumnus who deeply understands the program’s culture and tradition. He’s committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence set by his predecessors.

The coaching staff comprises knowledgeable and experienced individuals in various aspects of the game. Their expertise in the triple-option offense, defensive schemes, and player development is crucial to the team’s success.

Home Stadium Information

The Wofford Terriers play their home games at Gibbs Stadium, a 13,000-seat venue located on the Wofford College campus. Gibbs Stadium offers a vibrant atmosphere on game days, with passionate Terrier fans packing the stands to cheer on their team.

The stadium has undergone upgrades and renovations over the years, providing modern amenities while preserving its classic charm. Playing at Gibbs provides a competitive edge for the Terriers and a memorable experience for fans.

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