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Wyoming Cowboys

The Wyoming Cowboys football team represents the University of Wyoming in college football competitions.

Team History

The Wyoming Cowboys football team boasts a rich history dating back over a century. The team played its first official season in 1893, competing against regional schools even through World War I. The post-war years saw a rise in prominence for the Cowboys, fueled by new facilities and a growing appetite for college football across the nation.

The Wyoming Cowboys have a tradition of resilience ingrained in their identity. They’ve weathered coaching changes, conference realignments, and fluctuating eras of success, remaining a force in the Mountain West Conference, where they currently compete.

Foundation and Early Years

The University of Wyoming fielded its first football team in 1893, playing neighboring schools in a time when the sport was rapidly evolving. Though wins were sparse during those earliest years, the program was laying a foundation for future development.

In the 1920s, Wyoming made significant strides. Improved athletic facilities and national attention on college football fostered growth for the Cowboys. This era showcased the start of a spirited in-state rivalry with Colorado State.

Notable Early Achievements

The years between the World Wars marked a period of notable gains for the Cowboys. They captured their first conference championships in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference in the 1920s and 1930s.

Wyoming was also invited to play in one of the earliest bowl games, the short-lived Sun Bowl, on two occasions. Though unsuccessful in those appearances, it demonstrated the program had achieved significant regional recognition.

Periods of Change

Wyoming football, like many programs, experienced fluctuations in success and periods of transition. Coaching turnover in the decades after World War II led to instability, yet the Cowboys remained a competitive presence throughout.

Later, conference realignment saw Wyoming shift from the Skyline Conference to the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), and finally to the Mountain West Conference (MWC) where they reside today. These shifts challenged the program to adapt and maintain rivalries.

Championships and Achievements

The Wyoming Cowboys have a proud championship tradition. They have won 14 conference titles throughout their history, including several during their time in the WAC. The program boasts bowl game success, with appearances in some of the nation’s most notable bowls like the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

Beyond team success, the Cowboys have produced numerous NFL players, All-Americans, and individual conference award winners. The program’s resilience and grit have been a constant across generations.

Current Roster

The current Wyoming Cowboys roster features a blend of experienced veterans and talented young players. The team’s offensive philosophy often centers around a strong rushing attack, while the defense has a reputation for toughness.

Key players to watch include those with all-conference recognition and those breaking through in starting roles. The mix of athletes from the Rocky Mountain region and those recruited nationally reflects the program’s reach.

Management and Coaching Staff

Wyoming’s football program is led by its Head Coach who sets the overall vision and culture of the team. He is supported by a staff of assistant coaches, each responsible for specific position groups (offensive/defensive coordinators, quarterbacks coach, running backs coach, etc.).

The program also has a dedicated support staff including strength and conditioning coaches, video analysts, and recruiting personnel. The continuity and effectiveness of the coaching staff play a significant role in the team’s on-field performance.

Home Stadium Information

The Wyoming Cowboys play their home games at War Memorial Stadium, located on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie. War Memorial Stadium is a symbol of pride, named to honor Wyoming veterans. The stadium boasts a capacity of over 29,000 fans, generating a famously electric atmosphere on game days.

Known for its high elevation (over 7,200 feet above sea level), War Memorial Stadium offers a unique home-field advantage for the Cowboys. With several renovations over the years, it features modern amenities while preserving the tradition and intensity that defines Wyoming football.

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