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Colorado Buffaloes

The Colorado Buffaloes basketball team represents the University of Colorado in NCAA Division I men's competition.

Team History

The Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team has a long and storied history, representing the University of Colorado Boulder since its inception. While their most recent decades have seen sustained success, the program has experienced its share of highs and lows throughout its existence. Their passionate fanbase and dedicated coaching have driven the Buffaloes to numerous moments of prominence within the collegiate basketball landscape.

The Buffaloes have competed in the NCAA Tournament fourteen times throughout their history, making notable deep runs, including appearances in the Final Four in both 1942 and 1955. Though a National Championship still eludes them, they’ve established themselves as a program capable of making national noise. Their consistent success in recent seasons suggests a bright future for the program as they strive to build upon their legacy.

Foundation and Early Years

The Colorado Buffaloes basketball team was founded in 1901, joining the ranks of the inaugural Colorado Athletic Conference. During these formative years, the Buffaloes quickly became one of the conference’s dominant teams, showcasing their competitive spirit and determination from the start. Success found them early, leading to an invitation to the first-ever National Invitation Tournament (NIT) in 1938, marking a major milestone in their early history.

Despite these early successes, the program would face difficulties. World War II led to instability and a temporary suspension of the program. However, the Buffaloes bounced back in the post-war era, demonstrating their resilience and dedication to the sport. Their passion for basketball fueled their return to the court.

Notable Early Achievements

The 1930s and 1940s were a particularly successful period for the Buffaloes. Under the leadership of legendary coach Forrest “Frosty” Cox, they clinched multiple conference championships, establishing their dominance in the region. In 1938, Colorado made history with a berth in the inaugural NIT tournament, displaying their ability to compete on a national stage.

The next year, the Buffaloes received their first NCAA Tournament invitation and achieved an Elite Eight finish, solidifying their place among the nation’s top teams. The 1942 season saw even deeper tournament penetration as the Buffaloes reached the Final Four, cementing their status as a formidable basketball powerhouse.

Periods of Change

The Colorado Buffaloes navigated several periods of transition and rebuilding. After their initial wave of success, the 1950s and 60s brought inconsistency as the program struggled to find sustained momentum. The program would switch between several different conferences, searching for the ideal fit to foster their growth.

However, a turning point arrived in the 1990s with the hiring of coaches Joe Harrington and Ricardo Patton, who laid the foundation for the program’s modern-day success. These strategic coaching changes helped reignite the team’s competitive spirit.

Championships and Achievements

The Colorado Buffaloes have won numerous regular-season conference championships within their history, consistently demonstrating their dominance within their conference. Furthermore, they’ve consistently been significant contenders in conference tournaments.

They’ve captured four Pac-12 Tournament Championships (2012, 2014, 2015, 2023), establishing their tournament prowess. They consistently compete in the NCAA tournament, securing a spot in the “Big Dance” in five of the past six seasons, underlining their commitment to excellence.

Current Roster

The 2023-24 Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team has a diverse roster featuring a mix of returning players, freshmen, and a key transfer. Senior players such as Luke O’Brien (G, 6’8″), J’Vonne Hadley (G, 6’6″), Tristan da Silva (F, 6’9″), and Eddie Lampkin Jr. (C, 6’11”) bring experience to the team. Lampkin Jr. is a notable addition as a transfer from TCU.

The roster also includes promising freshmen like Cody Williams (F, 6’8″), Assane Diop (F, 6’8″), Courtney Anderson Jr. (G, 6’5″), and Bangot Dak (F, 6’11”), who are expected to contribute significantly. Players are listed with their positions, academic year, height, weight, and hometown, providing a broad view of the team’s composition and depth

Management and Coaching Staff

The Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team is led by head coach Tad Boyle, who brings significant experience and leadership to the program. Coach Boyle has been at the helm for several years, establishing a culture of competitiveness and academic excellence within the team. His coaching philosophy emphasizes defense, team unity, and developing players both on and off the court. Boyle’s tenure has seen the Buffaloes become a consistent presence in NCAA tournament discussions, reflecting his ability to recruit talented players and develop them into cohesive units.

Supporting Coach Boyle is a skilled team of assistant coaches, including Mike Rohn, Bill Grier, Rick Ray, and others, who bring a wealth of basketball knowledge and experience to the program. This coaching staff is instrumental in player development, strategic game planning, and recruiting. They work closely with the head coach to ensure the team remains competitive in the highly challenging Pac-12 Conference. The staff’s diverse backgrounds and experiences contribute to a well-rounded approach to coaching, providing the Buffaloes with the insights and strategies needed to succeed against a variety of opponents

Home Stadium Information

The home of the Colorado Buffaloes men’s basketball team is the CU Events Center, located on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. This facility, which has been the home for the Buffaloes’ men’s and women’s basketball teams since 1979, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and strong fan support. The CU Events Center is notable for its altitude, sitting more than a mile above sea level, which has been leveraged as a home advantage against visiting teams. The center has undergone several name changes over the years, reflecting its dynamic nature and the evolving identity of the Buffaloes’ athletic programs. The venue is not just a place for sports; it also offers various food and beverage options, including local craft beers and healthier eating choices, enhancing the game-day experience for fans.

The CU Events Center is recognized for its significant contributions to the local community and the broader college basketball landscape. Under the leadership of head coach Tad Boyle, the Buffaloes have enjoyed success, making multiple NCAA Tournament appearances and securing a Pac-12 Tournament title. This success is partly attributed to the center’s environment, which includes enthusiastic support from the student section known as the C-Unit. The venue’s layout supports an engaging fan experience, with modern amenities like high-definition video boards for replays and in-game promotions, contributing to its reputation as a top location for college basketball.

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