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Colorado State Rams

The Colorado State Rams basketball team represents Colorado State University in NCAA Division I men's basketball competitions.

Team History

The Colorado State Rams basketball team represents Colorado State University in NCAA Division I basketball as a member of the Mountain West Conference. The history of the program dates back to its establishment in the early 20th century, marking a long and storied journey through the evolving landscape of college basketball. The team’s inception laid the foundation for a rich tradition in collegiate sports, contributing significantly to the university’s athletic culture.

Over the years, the Rams have experienced periods of success and challenge, reflecting the dynamic nature of collegiate athletics. The program has made multiple appearances in the NCAA Tournament, showcasing the team’s ability to compete at a high level. These achievements are testaments to the dedication of the athletes, coaches, and support staff who have contributed to the team’s legacy. The Colorado State Rams basketball program continues to strive for excellence, aiming to build upon its historical achievements and foster a competitive spirit among its players and fans.

Foundation and Early Years

The Colorado State Rams basketball team, representing Colorado State University (CSU), traces its foundation back to the early 1900s, marking its place as one of the historical collegiate basketball programs in the United States. The team’s early years were characterized by a pioneering spirit, as basketball began to take root as a popular collegiate sport across the country. These formative years laid the groundwork for the program’s identity, emphasizing athletic excellence, teamwork, and sportsmanship, values that continue to define the Rams to this day.

During its early years, the Colorado State Rams faced the challenges typical of a burgeoning athletic program, including the establishment of a competitive team, securing facilities, and scheduling matches against other collegiate teams. Despite these hurdles, the program steadily grew, showcasing the resilience and determination of its players and coaching staff. This period was crucial in fostering a sense of community and school spirit among students and faculty, with basketball games becoming a central feature of campus life. The dedication to building a strong foundation for the basketball program in its early years set the stage for future successes and established Colorado State University’s commitment to its athletic programs.

Notable Early Achievements

In the nascent stages of the Colorado State Rams basketball program, notable achievements began to emerge as the team started to make its mark on the collegiate basketball scene. One of the early significant accomplishments was the team’s development into a competitive force within the Rocky Mountain region, a testament to the dedication of its early players and coaching staff. This era saw the Rams securing important victories against regional rivals, which helped to build the program’s reputation and foster a growing fan base. These successes were not only pivotal in elevating the team’s status but also in promoting college basketball’s popularity in the region.

Another hallmark of the team’s early achievements was its participation in post-season play and tournaments, which provided the Rams with a platform to showcase their talents on a larger stage. Although detailed records of the earliest years are sparse, the team’s ability to qualify for and compete in such events was a clear indicator of its burgeoning prowess. These early forays into competitive play laid the groundwork for future successes and helped to establish Colorado State University as a respected institution in collegiate athletics. The achievements of these early years are a critical part of the Rams’ rich basketball heritage, setting a precedent for excellence and resilience that continues to inspire the program.

Periods of Change

Throughout its history, the Colorado State Rams basketball program has experienced periods of significant change that have shaped its trajectory and identity. These transitions have often coincided with shifts in coaching staff, changes in athletic conference affiliations, and the evolution of college basketball as a whole. Each period of change has presented both challenges and opportunities for growth, allowing the program to adapt and evolve in response to the shifting landscape of collegiate sports.

One notable period of change came with the evolution of the NCAA and its impact on college basketball, including the introduction of the shot clock and the three-point line, which fundamentally altered the way the game was played. For the Colorado State Rams, adapting to these rules meant adjusting strategies, player recruitment, and training methodologies. Additionally, the transition from the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) to the Mountain West Conference (MWC) in 1999 marked a significant shift, placing the Rams in a new competitive context and fostering new rivalries. These periods of change not only tested the resilience and adaptability of the program but also provided opportunities for renewal and growth, pushing the Rams to continuously strive for excellence both on and off the court.

Championships and Achievements

The Colorado State Rams basketball program has a history of notable championships and achievements that highlight its competitive spirit and dedication to excellence. Among these achievements, conference championships stand out as significant milestones, showcasing the team’s ability to compete at a high level within their league. These conference titles are a testament to the team’s hard work, strategic gameplay, and the effective leadership of its coaching staff. Winning these championships not only elevates the program’s status within the collegiate basketball community but also instills a sense of pride and accomplishment among players, alumni, and fans alike.

Beyond conference championships, the Rams have also made several appearances in the NCAA Tournament, marking them as a formidable contender on the national stage. These tournament runs are crucial achievements, as they provide the team with the opportunity to compete against the best collegiate programs across the country, gaining valuable experience and exposure. The experience gained from participating in the NCAA Tournament has been instrumental in enhancing the program’s recruitment efforts, drawing talented athletes to the university, and further establishing Colorado State as a destination for high-level college basketball. These achievements encapsulate the program’s enduring commitment to excellence and its ongoing pursuit of success at both the conference and national levels.

Current Roster

The current roster for the Colorado State Rams basketball team for the 2023-24 season features a diverse group of players, including freshmen like Kyan Evans and Rashaan Mbemba, and experienced graduates like Joel Scott, Josiah Strong, and Isaiah Stevens.

The team has a mix of guards and forwards, highlighting a range of talents and skills. Players like Nique Clifford and Javonte Johnson bring senior leadership, while newcomers such as Cam Lowe and Kyle Evans add fresh energy. The roster reflects a blend of experience, height, and athleticism, aiming to compete strongly in the Mountain West Conference.

Management and Coaching Staff

The Colorado State Rams men’s basketball team for the 2023-24 season is under the leadership of Head Coach Niko Medved, marking his 6th year with the team. He is supported by assistant coaches Ali Farokhmanesh, Brian Cooley, C.J. Rivers, and Tim Shelton. This coaching staff brings a diverse range of experiences and expertise to the program, aiming to lead the Rams to success in the Mountain West Conference and beyond.

Home Stadium Information

The Colorado State Rams men’s basketball team plays their home games at Moby Arena, located on the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Moby Arena has been the home venue for the Rams since its opening, providing a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for basketball games. The arena is known for its distinctive whale-shaped roof, which contributes to its nickname “Moby,” and has a seating capacity that brings fans close to the action, creating an intimidating environment for visiting teams.

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