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North Texas Mean Green

The North Texas Mean Green basketball team represents the University of North Texas in NCAA Division I men's basketball.

Team History

The North Texas Mean Green men’s basketball team has a long and storied history dating back over a century. The program has seen its share of ups and downs, from early struggles to championship titles and conference realignments. Their journey reflects the broader evolution of college basketball, showcasing resilience, ambition, and a deeply-rooted passion for the game.

The Mean Green have experienced numerous eras marked by distinct challenges and triumphs. Yet, through it all, the program has maintained a fierce competitive spirit and unwavering dedication – qualities reflected in their iconic nickname.

Foundation and Early Years

The North Texas Mean Green basketball program officially began in 1916, a time when the sport was still finding its footing on the national stage. In these formative years, the Mean Green competed as an independent team, often facing off against regional colleges and universities. Like many programs of the era, the early Mean Green teams were marked by inconsistency – seasons with strong win records were often followed by periods of rebuilding.

Despite the challenges, the Mean Green made a name for themselves through their grit and tenacity. This period laid the foundation for the team’s identity, characterized by a fighting spirit that would guide them in the decades to come.

Notable Early Achievements

The Mean Green garnered attention by capturing victories against well-established programs. These surprising wins demonstrated their potential and ambition even in the team’s early history. One highlight from this era was a stretch of success in the 1950s that saw the Mean Green post several winning seasons and secure a coveted spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Though the early decades presented their share of obstacles, these flashes of brilliance solidified the Mean Green’s presence within the Texas collegiate basketball scene. It was during this period that their iconic green uniforms first appeared – a symbol of their budding legacy.

Periods of Change

The North Texas Mean Green have navigated various conference realignments throughout their history. Changes in conference affiliation often bring new rivals, adjustments in playing style, and shifts in overall program trajectory. For the Mean Green, these transitions sometimes coincided with periods of rebuilding, while other times sparking surges toward conference dominance.

From their independent beginnings, they’ve been part of conferences like the Lone Star Conference, the Southland Conference, the Sun Belt Conference, Conference USA, and most recently, the American Athletic Conference. Each transition marked a new chapter, creating fresh rivalries and pushing them to adapt to different levels of competition.

Championships and Achievements

The North Texas Mean Green have collected a number of impressive championship titles and accolades over the years. These include multiple conference tournament championships and regular-season conference titles, propelling the program to the national stage in the NCAA Tournament. While the Mean Green have yet to secure an elusive NCAA Tournament victory, they’ve made several appearances.

Individual players have also shone brightly. The program has produced a number of NBA draft picks, All-Conference selections, and Conference Players of the Year. These standout athletes are a testament to the Mean Green’s ability to recruit and develop high-level talent.

Current Roster

The current North Texas Mean Green roster boasts a mix of experienced veterans and promising young players. The team features talented guards who can penetrate the defense and create scoring opportunities, as well as versatile forwards that can score both in the paint and from beyond the arc. The big men provide rebounding prowess and rim protection. Overall, the roster is balanced and well-tooled to compete in the American Athletic Conference.


Home Stadium Information

The North Texas Mean Green call the UNT Coliseum, affectionately known as “The Super Pit,” their home court. The Super Pit opened in 1973 and has a capacity of over 10,000, creating a raucous atmosphere for home games. The stadium’s unique semi-subterranean design places much of the court below ground level, lending a distinct feel that adds to the fan experience.

The Super Pit has undergone renovations in recent years to enhance both player and fan amenities. These upgrades include updated locker rooms, modern training facilities, and improved seating and concessions. The Super Pit remains an intimidating venue for visiting teams and a source of pride for the Mean Green faithful. It’s a place where history has been made, and where future triumphs are anticipated.

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