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Connecticut Sun

The Connecticut Sun is a professional women's basketball team based in Uncasville, Connecticut, competing in the WNBA.

Team History

The Connecticut Sun are one of the WNBA’s more seasoned teams, boasting a history that stretches back over two decades. While they haven’t captured as many championships as some storied franchises, the Sun have consistently proven themselves as fierce competitors. Their story is one of perseverance, punctuated by exciting playoff runs and periods of rebuilding.

The Sun hold the distinction of being one of the league’s original expansion franchises. However, the team initially started in Orlando, Florida, as the Orlando Miracle before relocating in 2003. This move marked a historic moment, with the team becoming the first professional sports franchise owned by a Native American tribe, the Mohegan Tribe.

Foundation and Early Years

The Orlando Miracle joined the WNBA in 1999 as an expansion team. Their inaugural seasons found them struggling at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. However, they did manage to make the playoffs for the first time in the 2000 season, marking an early turn of success for the fledgling franchise.

The team saw its fortunes improve with the arrival of star player Nykesha Sales in 2000. Sales quickly established herself as the team’s driving force, becoming a consistent All-Star and one of the WNBA’s top scorers. She propelled the team into playoff contention for several consecutive seasons.

Notable Early Achievements

While a WNBA title eluded the Orlando Miracle, they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the early 2000s. Alongside Nykesha Sales, players like Shannon Johnson and Adrienne Johnson helped to create a playoff-caliber team. One of their most significant achievements was reaching the Eastern Conference Finals for two consecutive years in 2001 and 2002. These deep playoff runs showcased the team’s growth and their ability to compete with the league’s best.

The Miracle’s early success was also reflected in individual player achievements. Nykesha Sales was a perennial All-Star, consistently ranking among the league’s top scorers. Her dominance on the court brought recognition to the franchise and helped to solidify their reputation as a rising power in the WNBA.

Periods of Change

The franchise’s relocation to Connecticut in 2003, transforming into the Connecticut Sun, ushered in a period of adjustment. While the team retained key players like Sales, their winning ways didn’t immediately translate to their new home. The Connecticut Sun faced a few rebuilding years, struggling to find consistency as they adapted to new surroundings. This marked a time when the franchise needed to establish a fresh identity and build a loyal fan base in their new location.

More recently, the Sun have undergone another period of change following the retirement of veteran players and the departure of key stars. This led to the team embracing a rebuilding phase, focused on developing young talent and establishing a new core. While this has resulted in some less successful seasons, it positions the Sun for future growth, with exciting young players poised to step into larger roles and lead the team into a new era of success.

Championships and Achievements

The Connecticut Sun have reached the WNBA Finals four times throughout their history (2004, 2005, 2019, 2022), demonstrating their capacity for deep playoff runs. While they’re still striving for that elusive first championship win, their Finals appearances serve as a testament to the franchise’s resilience and their ability to compete at the highest level. These runs highlight the team’s consistent ability to challenge for titles and underscore their position among the league’s elite franchises.

Beyond their Finals appearances, individual Connecticut Sun players have garnered significant recognition. Jonquel Jones, the 2021 WNBA MVP, has been a dominant force for the team in recent years. Her MVP award and multiple All-Star selections illustrate the caliber of player representing the franchise. Other Sun players have earned accolades such as All-WNBA selections, Rookie of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year honors. These individual achievements showcase the depth of talent that’s worn the Sun jersey and contribute to the team’s legacy of excellence.

Current Roster

The Connecticut Sun’s current roster features a balanced mixture of experienced veterans and up-and-coming stars. Jonquel Jones remains the cornerstone of the team, with her versatility and scoring prowess a vital asset. The roster also includes talented guards like Natisha Hiedeman and Courtney Williams, who provide both playmaking and outside shooting threats. DeWanna Bonner, a seasoned veteran, brings championship experience and a consistent scoring touch to the team.

The Sun have strategically added promising young talent in recent drafts, bolstering their depth. Players like DiJonai Carrington and Olivia Nelson-Ododa are poised to take on larger roles as they gain experience, infusing the team with athleticism and potential. This blend of seasoned veterans and exciting young players creates a dynamic roster for the Sun, allowing them to build upon their legacy as playoff contenders in the competitive WNBA landscape.

Management and Coaching Staff

The Connecticut Sun benefit from strong leadership at both the management and coaching levels. Head coach Curt Miller is highly respected around the league for his strategic mind and ability to get the best out of his players. His tactical acumen and player development skills have been instrumental in the Sun’s consistent playoff appearances. Miller has earned WNBA Coach of the Year honors, a testament to his coaching prowess.

Alongside Miller is general manager Darius Taylor, who plays a crucial role in shaping the roster. He actively seeks the right pieces to complement the team’s core and build towards a championship run. Taylor’s keen eye for talent and strategic approach to roster building provide the Sun with the personnel they need to compete at the highest level. This combination of experienced coaching and thoughtful management sets the foundation for the Connecticut Sun’s continued success.

Home Stadium Information

The Connecticut Sun play their home games at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Arena, located in Montville, Connecticut. The arena, owned and operated by the Mohegan Tribe, provides a unique and exciting atmosphere for fans. With a capacity of 10,000, it creates an intimate setting where the energy of the crowd fuels the players on the court. The Sun consistently boast some of the league’s most passionate fan support.

Beyond basketball, the Mohegan Sun Arena is nestled within the larger Mohegan Sun casino complex. This offers fans a range of entertainment options before and after games. From restaurants and bars to shopping and live music, the arena’s location provides a complete game day experience unlike most other WNBA venues.

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