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MLB NL West Season
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2024 NL West Season Preview: Epic Showdowns and Dark Horse Dramas

Key Points

  • The NL West is highlighted by the presence of Shohei Ohtani and a formidable Dodgers team, underlined by over $1 billion spent on free agents aiming for a World Series title.
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks aim to prove their last season’s success wasn’t an anomaly, bolstered by the addition of Eduardo Rodriguez to an already strong pitching rotation.
  • The San Diego Padres, with stars like Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr., hover at the brink of contention, seeking to translate potential into playoff success.
  • The San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies, despite lower expectations, pursue surprise performances that could disrupt the division’s dynamics.

A Division Defined by Star Power and Strategic Gambles

The NL West stands as a colossus in the realm of Major League Baseball as the 2024 season dawns, distinguished by its assembly of stars and the high-stakes drama that envelops its teams. Central to its allure is Shohei Ohtani, a figure who transcends the sport, bolstered by a Dodgers team that on paper, resembles a behemoth crafted for glory. The division’s narrative is further enriched by a staggering investment in talent, with over $1 billion poured into free agency, underlining the Dodgers’ pursuit of redemption after their unexpected departure in the 2023 NLDS. This storyline, however, is nuanced by the presence of formidable challengers and underdogs, each weaving their own threads into the rich tapestry of the NL West saga.

Amid the towering expectations placed on the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Arizona Diamondbacks emerge as defiant contenders, eager to demonstrate that their previous success was no fleeting triumph. Their quest is emblematic of the division’s competitive spirit, challenging the notion of a preordained hierarchy. Similarly, the Padres and Giants, through strategic offseason moves, position themselves as enigmatic forces capable of reshaping the division’s landscape. The Rockies, while not traditionally seen as contenders, possess the potential to disrupt and redefine their role within the division. This dynamic sets the stage for a season replete with potential plot twists, unexpected heroes, and battles that could alter the course of careers and franchises.

Los Angeles Dodgers: A Quest for Redemption Amid Uncertainty

The Dodgers enter the 2024 season with projections that signal both their formidable strength and the vulnerabilities that lie beneath. Their roster reads like an all-star team, with Ohtani, Betts, and Freeman poised to spearhead an offensive onslaught unmatched in the majors. The anticipation surrounding Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Tyler Glasnow speaks to the high ceiling of this team, which harbors aspirations of a World Series victory that has eluded them in full seasons since 1988. Yet, for all their might, the Dodgers face a critical test in the resilience and reliability of their pitching rotation. The health and performance of Glasnow, in particular, represent a pivot upon which the Dodgers’ fortunes may turn, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their championship dreams.

The Dodgers’ season is laced with intriguing subplots and potential milestones, including Ohtani’s pursuit of another MVP award and the integration of Yamamoto into the majors. Their lineup’s depth and talent suggest an offensive juggernaut, yet the specter of pitching woes looms large, threatening to derail their ambitions. The team’s narrative is one of high expectations clashing with the realities of baseball’s unpredictability, setting the stage for a campaign where every victory and setback will be magnified. The pressure to overcome last year’s disappointment is immense, framing their journey as a compelling saga of resilience, adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of glory.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Proving Their Mettle as Legitimate Contenders

The Diamondbacks’ projection at 83-79 reflects a team on the cusp of solidifying its status as a genuine contender in the MLB landscape. With a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging talents, Arizona is poised to challenge the division’s hierarchy, fueled by the ambition to surpass last season’s achievements. The acquisition of Eduardo Rodriguez adds depth and experience to a pitching rotation led by Zac Gallen, whose Cy Young potential is a testament to the D-backs’ aspirations. This balance of pitching excellence and offensive dynamism, with Corbin Carroll at the helm, positions Arizona as a formidable force, ready to defy expectations and carve out their own chapter in the division’s storied history.

Arizona’s journey in the 2024 season is framed by the narrative of validation and ambition. Having tasted success, the D-backs are driven by the desire to prove that their previous achievements were not mere anomalies but the foundation of a sustained competitive era. The synergy between their enhanced rotation and a lineup capable of producing runs offers a blueprint for success, challenging the Dodgers’ dominance and setting the stage for riveting confrontations. As the season unfolds, the D-backs’ quest for recognition and respect will be a compelling storyline, embodying the unpredictable and fiercely competitive nature of baseball.

San Diego Padres: Balancing Potential with Uncertainty

The Padres, with an even projection of 81-81, stand at a crossroads, embodying the division’s unpredictable nature. Their roster, brimming with talent, suggests a team that could either ascend to the heights of baseball’s elite or falter under the weight of unmet potential. At the heart of their narrative is Fernando Tatis Jr., whose return to MVP form could catalyze a transformation from underperformers to genuine title contenders. The addition of Dylan Cease and the continued excellence of Manny Machado provide the Padres with a blend of pitching prowess and offensive firepower, hinting at a team on the brink of breaking through the barriers of recent seasons’ disappointments.

San Diego’s season narrative is punctuated by the themes of redemption and resurgence. The Padres’ mix of established stars and promising talents creates a volatile yet potentially explosive combination, capable of upending the division’s pecking order. Their challenge lies in harnessing this potential, transforming individual brilliance into collective success. As the Padres navigate the trials of the 2024 season, their journey will reflect the broader story of a team striving to reconcile its aspirations with the tangible achievements that have eluded them, making their campaign a microcosm of the pursuit of baseball immortality.

San Francisco Giants: The Quest for Overlooked Magic

Projected at a balanced 81-81, the Giants embody the spirit of resilience and the search for overlooked magic within their ranks. Their strategy, focused on assembling a competitive lineup around key additions like Jorge Soler and Jung-Hoo Lee, reflects an ambition to outperform expectations and challenge the conventional wisdom of the division’s hierarchy. With Logan Webb leading a pitching staff that blends experience with emerging talent, the Giants are poised to surprise, leveraging their ability to conjure runs and maintain pitching excellence as their formula for success.

The Giants’ 2024 season is a narrative of discovery and defiance, as they seek to unearth hidden gems within their roster and employ a strategic approach that maximizes their collective strengths. The potential for Soler to break long-standing home run records and for Lee to catalyze the offense presents a storyline rich with the possibility of unexpected triumphs. San Francisco’s journey will be characterized by their attempt to blend veteran savvy with youthful exuberance, challenging rivals and defying odds in pursuit of a postseason berth that many may deem improbable.

Colorado Rockies: Embracing the Role of the Dark Horse

With a less than stellar projection of 64-98, the Rockies face a season of challenges and low expectations. Yet, within this forecast lies the potential for surprise and the opportunity to disrupt the division’s narrative. The Rockies’ aspirations hinge on the health and performance of key players like Kris Bryant and the emergence of talents such as Nolan Jones. Colorado’s story in 2024 will be one of striving against the odds, seeking to transform Coors Field into a fortress where upsets are forged and the ambitions of more favored teams are thwarted.

The Rockies’ season, though shadowed by skepticism, is imbued with the potential for growth and unexpected success. The prospect of Bryant regaining his MVP form and young talents like Zac Veen making their mark offers a glimpse into a future where Colorado transcends its current predicament. Their journey through the 2024 season will be a testament to the resilience and fighting spirit that define baseball’s underdogs, offering a narrative of perseverance and the relentless pursuit of improvement amidst the backdrop of a division famed for its competitiveness and star power.

Conclusion: A Division Teeming with Narratives

The NL West in 2024 is a microcosmos of baseball at its best: a mix of star power, strategic gambles, and the eternal hope of underdogs. Each team, from the heavyweight Dodgers to the rebuilding Rockies, carries a story ripe with potential and uncertainty. As the season unfolds, the division promises to be a battleground where legends are forged, dreams are realized or dashed, and baseball’s evergreen narrative of unpredictability continues to captivate.


  • What makes the NL West particularly intriguing in the 2024 MLB season?

The NL West stands out due to the combination of star power, notably Shohei Ohtani, substantial financial investments in talent, and the Dodgers’ quest for redemption paired with the potential for upsets and breakthrough performances from teams like the Diamondbacks, Padres, Giants, and Rockies.

  • Who is considered the make-or-break player for the Dodgers in the 2024 season?

Tyler Glasnow is seen as the pivotal figure for the Dodgers. His health and performance are crucial to the team’s aspirations, especially given his potential as one of the best starting pitchers when fit.

  • Which team could be the dark horse in the NL West, and why?

The Colorado Rockies could emerge as the dark horse. Despite low expectations, the presence of players like Kris Bryant, who has the potential for a standout season if he stays healthy, and emerging talents could lead to surprising upsets against more favored teams.

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