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The Dodgers and Shohei Ohtani: A Historic Attendance Surge Awaits

Key Points

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers have consistently led Major League Baseball (MLB) in attendance, with a historic opportunity to reach 4 million fans in a season, a milestone yet to be achieved by the franchise.
  • Shohei Ohtani’s arrival at the Dodgers is seen as a pivotal factor that could drive attendance to record highs, capitalizing on his unique appeal as a dual-threat player and attracting international fans, especially from Japan.
  • The Dodgers’ unique position in sports, capable of drawing 4 million fans, underscores their unparalleled drawing power in MLB and across major sports, supported by insights from sports business experts.
  • Dodger Stadium, with its significant capacity and historical importance, stands ready to accommodate this surge in attendance, reflecting a blend of tradition and modern fan experiences.

The Unbreakable Trio: Death, Taxes, and the Dodgers’ Attendance Records

In an era where certainty is a luxury, three things remain steadfast in 2024: death, taxes, and the Los Angeles Dodgers reigning supreme in Major League Baseball (MLB) attendance. Not since their financial turmoil over a decade ago has another team managed to outdraw the Dodgers. This consistency speaks volumes, reflecting not just on the team’s resilience but also on an unwavering fan base that has navigated through both exhilarating victories and the all-too-familiar traffic congestion of Dodger Stadium with equal passion.

Despite this remarkable streak, the Dodgers have yet to breach the attendance zenith that is 4 million fans in a single season. Enter Shohei Ohtani, the dual-threat sensation whose arrival could be the key to unlocking this historic milestone. Ohtani’s unprecedented blend of pitching prowess and batting brilliance has not only captivated the baseball world but also positioned him as the prime catalyst to propel the Dodgers into the annals of attendance lore.

Janet Marie Smith, the Dodgers’ Senior Vice President of Planning and Development, encapsulates the sentiment perfectly, highlighting the unique bond baseball fosters among fans. In an age where division is all too common, the Dodgers’ quest for the 4 million mark underlines the unifying power of the sport, promising a season of unprecedented excitement and communal spirit.

The Dodgers’ Unique Position in the Sports Pantheon

The Dodgers stand alone in their capacity to draw 4 million fans, a feat unrivaled across the sports spectrum. This isn’t merely an assertion; it’s a reality backed by industry experts. When comparing attendance capabilities, no other team across any major sport worldwide holds the potential to match the Dodgers’ drawing power. This includes football giants and cricket titans, who, despite larger venues and immense popularity, fall short of the logistical marathon that is the MLB’s 81 home-game season.

The history of MLB attendance records further underscores the Dodgers’ unique position. Only a handful of teams have ever crossed the 4 million threshold, and most have since reduced their stadium capacities. The Dodgers’ consistent near-misses, including a tantalizingly close call in 2019, highlight both the challenge and the potential of achieving this historic attendance figure.

Stan Kasten, the Dodgers President, reflects on the team’s consistent attendance figures with a mix of pride and anticipation. The arrival of Ohtani not only promises an uptick in fan interest from abroad, notably Japan, but also reinforces the Dodgers’ place at the heart of Los Angeles’ vibrant sports scene. Kasten’s remarks about the early interest from Japanese fans and the partnership with Japan’s largest travel agency underscore the global pull of the Dodgers and the unique appeal of Ohtani.

A Stadium Steeped in History, Looking to the Future

Dodger Stadium, with its 56,000 capacity, stands as a testament to the ambitious vision of Walter O’Malley. It’s not just a venue; it’s a landmark that bridged the gap from the cozy confines of Ebbets Field to the sprawling expanses of Los Angeles. This stadium, envisioned as a baseball-only venue, has not only withstood the test of time but also adapted to the evolving expectations of fans, blending historical significance with modern-day amenities.

The architectural prowess and forward-thinking design of Dodger Stadium are highlighted by the fan plaza and the stadium’s ability to expand, showcasing a blend of flexibility and foresight. As MLB trends towards smaller, more intimate venues, the Dodgers’ home remains a beacon of the sport’s golden age, ready to welcome legions of fans with both traditional charm and contemporary comforts.

Janet Marie Smith’s work in transforming Dodger Stadium, along with her contributions to the creation of modern classics like Baltimore’s Camden Yards, emphasizes a commitment to enhancing fan experiences without sacrificing the soul of the game. The Dodgers’ blend of a large market, a storied history, and a relentless pursuit of excellence sets the stage for a season that could forever change the landscape of MLB attendance.


As the Dodgers embark on this historic quest, led by the magnetic Shohei Ohtani, they not only chase a record but also celebrate the enduring spirit of baseball. In doing so, they remind us of the sport’s power to unite, to inspire, and to set new benchmarks, promising a season that could very well redefine what it means to be a fan of the great American pastime.


  • How does Shohei Ohtani’s presence influence the Dodgers’ chances of reaching 4 million in attendance?

Shohei Ohtani’s presence boosts the Dodgers’ attendance prospects significantly, not only because of his exceptional talent as a pitcher and hitter but also due to his massive fan base, including international fans from Japan. His arrival has sparked increased interest in the Dodgers, promising to attract a large number of visitors both locally and internationally.

  • Why are the Dodgers uniquely positioned to draw 4 million fans, unlike any other team in major sports?

The Dodgers’ unique position is attributed to their consistent high attendance records, the vast capacity of Dodger Stadium, and the 81 home-game schedule of MLB, which provides more opportunities for fan attendance compared to other major sports with fewer home games or smaller venue capacities.

  • What historical significance does Dodger Stadium hold in the pursuit of the 4 million attendance milestone?

Dodger Stadium, with its large capacity and historical significance as a purpose-built baseball venue, is central to the Dodgers’ pursuit of the 4 million attendance milestone. Its design and ongoing enhancements to improve fan experience make it a key factor in attracting and accommodating a record number of fans.

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