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Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Philadelphia Eagles’ Offensive Struggles in 2023

Key Points

  • Offensive Strategy Overhaul: The Philadelphia Eagles need to diversify their playbook and incorporate more dynamic plays, especially those exploiting the middle of the field and leveraging Jalen Hurts’ dual-threat capabilities.
  • Enhancing Jalen Hurts’ Decision-Making: Focus on improving quarterback Jalen Hurts’ ability to read defenses, make quick decisions post-snap, and enhance his mental game strategy.
  • Strengthening Offensive Line and Protection: Prioritizing the reinforcement of the offensive line and protection schemes to counter aggressive defensive blitz packages and provide Hurts with better support.
  • Adaptability in NFL Landscape: The necessity for the Eagles to adapt to the evolving NFL landscape, with an emphasis on strategic innovation and versatility in offensive play-calling.

The Unforeseen Challenges of the Eagles’ Offensive Play

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Rollercoaster Season: A Closer Look at the Offense

In 2023, the Philadelphia Eagles embarked on a rollercoaster season, marked by 11 hard-fought victories and a nail-biting race for the NFC East divisional title. This season, however, was marred by challenges, particularly on the offensive front. Despite a robust start and a promising roster, the Eagles found themselves grappling with strategic and execution issues that hindered their offensive prowess. The defense, a cornerstone of their past success, faced its own struggles, coping with an aging and overwhelmed back seven. This combination of offensive hiccups and defensive vulnerabilities exposed the team to tough competition, raising questions about their overall strategy and adaptability in a rapidly evolving league.

The team’s journey through the season was a test of resilience and adaptability. Each game presented new challenges, with injuries and strategic missteps putting their depth and versatility to the test. Amid these trials, the Eagles’ offense, once a beacon of innovation and efficiency, began to show signs of strain. The pressure mounted as the team’s once seamless play execution began to falter, revealing gaps in their offensive armor that opponents were quick to exploit. This brought to light the critical need for strategic evolution and a more adaptable approach to both offensive and defensive play-calling.

Impact of Personnel Changes on Defensive Strategy

The Eagles’ defensive strategy faced significant upheaval due to key personnel changes. The losses of T.J. Edwards and Kyzir White, along with safeties C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Marcus Epps, left a void that the team struggled to fill. These departures not only weakened the Eagles’ defensive lineup but also disrupted the team’s chemistry and tactical coherence. The new faces in the lineup struggled to replicate the departed players’ impact, leading to a notable drop in the team’s defensive efficiency and an increased vulnerability to opposing offenses.

This shift in personnel dynamics tested the team’s adaptability and strategic planning. The defensive unit, once a formidable barrier, now faced challenges in maintaining its previous level of dominance. The coaching staff was forced to rethink their approach, seeking ways to optimize the strengths of the remaining players and integrate new talent effectively. This transition period proved challenging, as the Eagles’ defense endeavored to find a new identity and regain its former stature.

The Brian Johnson Era: Continuity and Change

The 2023 season marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Eagles’ offense under the guidance of Brian Johnson. Despite this change in leadership, the team’s offensive scheme largely retained the essence of the previous seasons under Shane Steichen. This continuity, while comforting, also brought its own set of challenges as the league’s defenses began adapting to the Eagles’ playbook. The offense, led by key players such as Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, and DeVonta Smith, faced the daunting task of maintaining their dynamism and unpredictability in the face of evolving defensive strategies.

Johnson’s tenure as the offensive play-caller tested the balance between maintaining a successful formula and introducing necessary innovations. The early-season clash with the New England Patriots’ defense was a stark reminder of the need for strategic flexibility. As defenses across the league honed in on the Eagles’ tendencies, the necessity for a more versatile and adaptive offensive approach became evident. This posed a significant challenge for Johnson and his team, as they sought to evolve their playbook to stay ahead of their rivals while preserving the core principles that had brought them success.

Jalen Hurts and the Evolution of the Eagles’ Offensive Strategy

The Diminishing Efficiency of the Eagles’ Ground Game

The Eagles’ ground game, a critical component of their offense, experienced a noticeable downturn in 2023, with Jalen Hurts’ running efficiency particularly affected. This shift from dynamic to merely adequate performance had far-reaching implications for the team’s overall offensive strategy. Hurts, known for his agility and ability to create plays on the run, found himself constrained, leading to a more predictable and less threatening offense. This change necessitated a reevaluation of the team’s reliance on Hurts’ running ability and prompted a search for alternative strategies to rejuvenate their ground game.

The reduction in Hurts’ running effectiveness was a conundrum for the Eagles. It raised questions about whether this was a temporary dip in form or indicative of a more significant shift in Hurts’ playing style. The team faced the challenge of adapting their offensive playbook to accommodate these changes while still maximizing Hurts’ strengths. The need for a more diversified offensive approach became apparent, with a greater emphasis on the passing game and creative play-calling to keep defenses guessing.

Rethinking Hurts’ Role in the Offense

Hurts’ role in the Eagles’ offense underwent scrutiny as his running efficiency and decision-making abilities showed signs of regression. The decline in his success rate on designed runs, a cornerstone of the Eagles’ previous seasons’ success, became a focal point of concern. This shift in performance pointed to a need for strategic adjustments, both in terms of play-calling and in Hurts’ approach to the game. The Eagles were faced with the task of evolving their offensive strategy to better suit the changing dynamics of Hurts’ play style and the overall team composition.

The challenge for the Eagles was to strike a balance between leveraging Hurts’ natural abilities and developing a more rounded and versatile offense. This required a delicate blend of innovation in play-calling and enhancing Hurts’ skills as a passer and decision-maker. The team needed to explore new avenues to maintain their offensive edge, incorporating varied plays that could capitalize on Hurts’ versatility while also providing stability and consistency to their game plan.

The Decline in RPO Effectiveness

A notable aspect of the Eagles’ offensive challenges in 2023 was the diminished effectiveness of their run-pass options (RPOs). Once a hallmark of their dynamic offense, the RPO plays saw a decline in productivity, both in running and passing scenarios. This regression not only affected the Eagles’ ability to maintain a balanced attack but also signaled a need for a broader strategic overhaul. As defenses became more adept at countering RPOs, the Eagles were compelled to rethink this component of their playbook and explore new ways to diversify their offensive approach.

The decline in RPO efficiency highlighted a crucial aspect of NFL play: the constant need for innovation and adaptation. The Eagles’ coaching staff faced the challenge of reinventing their RPO strategy to regain its previous effectiveness. This required a deep analysis of the existing playbook, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes that could surprise and outmaneuver opposing defenses. The Eagles’ ability to revitalize their RPO plays would be key to re-establishing their offensive dominance and ensuring continued success in the league.

The Path Forward: Addressing the Eagles’ Offensive Woes

Overcoming Challenges in the Blitz and RPOs

The Eagles’ offense in 2023 was particularly vulnerable to blitzes, a weakness that opposing defenses exploited to great effect. Hurts, facing increased pressure, often struggled to find effective responses, leading to a stagnation in offensive play. This issue was compounded by the diminished use of tempo plays, which had previously been a key element of the Eagles’ strategy. The team faced the imperative task of developing a more resilient approach to handling blitzes, focusing on improving protection schemes and enhancing Hurts’ ability to make quick, accurate decisions under pressure.

The challenges posed by blitzes and the decline in RPO effectiveness served as a wake-up call for the Eagles. The team needed to adopt a more multifaceted approach to offense, incorporating a wider range of plays and tactics to keep defenses off-balance. This shift required not only strategic ingenuity from the coaching staff but also a heightened level of execution from the players, particularly in high-pressure situations. The Eagles’ success in addressing these issues would be critical in re-establishing their offense as a formidable force in the league.

Addressing Hurts’ Quarterback Play

Improving Jalen Hurts’ performance as a quarterback emerged as a central focus for the Eagles. The need to enhance his decision-making, particularly against blitzes, and to develop his post-snap analysis skills became apparent. The team faced the challenge of refining Hurts’ abilities to read defenses and adjust his play accordingly. This development was crucial, not only for Hurts’ personal growth as a quarterback but also for the overall effectiveness of the Eagles’ offense. A more strategic and versatile Hurts would elevate the team’s offensive capabilities and enable them to counter diverse defensive strategies more effectively.

As the Eagles looked to the future, the evolution of their offensive strategy and Hurts’ role within it was paramount. The team needed to cultivate a more diverse and dynamic offensive playbook, one that could leverage Hurts’ strengths while also providing stability and consistency. This required a collaborative effort between the coaching staff and Hurts, focusing on enhancing his skills in areas such as pre-snap reads, protection adjustments, and varied play execution. The success of this endeavor would be instrumental in shaping the Eagles’ future prospects and reasserting their position as a top contender in the NFL.

Vision for the Future: Enhancing Offensive Strategy

Adapting to a Changing NFL Landscape

To reassert their dominance, the Philadelphia Eagles must prioritize an offensive overhaul that addresses their recent struggles. A key aspect of this transformation involves diversifying their playbook. The NFL is an ever-evolving league, and adaptability is crucial for sustained success. The Eagles need to incorporate a wider array of plays, especially ones that can exploit the middle of the field, an area that has been underutilized in their recent campaigns. This strategy not only broadens their offensive capabilities but also makes it more challenging for defenses to predict and counter their moves. Additionally, integrating more dynamic plays, particularly those that leverage Hurts’ dual-threat capabilities, could be instrumental in keeping defenses off-balance.

Enhancing Jalen Hurts’ Decision-Making

A significant aspect of the Eagles’ future offensive strategy centers around quarterback Jalen Hurts. While Hurts has shown flashes of brilliance, there is room for growth in his decision-making, especially post-snap. The Eagles’ coaching staff must work closely with Hurts to refine his ability to read defenses and make quick, accurate decisions under pressure. Improving his understanding of defensive schemes and his anticipation of defensive movements will be crucial. This development is not just about physical training but also involves nurturing his mental acumen for the game. As Hurts evolves into a more strategic quarterback, it will greatly enhance the Eagles’ ability to respond to diverse defensive tactics, particularly in high-stakes situations.

Strengthening Offensive Line and Protection Schemes

Another vital area for the Eagles is the reinforcement of their offensive line and protection schemes. A quarterback’s performance is often directly linked to the effectiveness of his offensive line. Ensuring that Hurts has ample time and space to execute plays is fundamental. This might involve scouting and developing new talent on the line, or re-strategizing their blocking schemes to better counter the increasingly aggressive blitz packages employed by their opponents. Additionally, the Eagles must cultivate a more robust system for identifying and responding to blitzes, potentially giving Hurts more autonomy in adjusting protections at the line of scrimmage. By fortifying their offensive front and enhancing their protection strategies, the Eagles can create a more stable and conducive environment for their offensive ambitions.

In conclusion, the Philadelphia Eagles stand at a crossroads, with the potential to either soar back to the top of the NFL or continue to grapple with the challenges that have hindered their progress. By embracing strategic innovation, nurturing their quarterback’s growth, and solidifying their offensive line, they can reignite their offensive firepower and reestablish themselves as a formidable force in the league.


  • What is the primary focus for the Philadelphia Eagles to improve their offense?

The Eagles need to revamp their offensive strategy, with a particular emphasis on diversifying their playbook. This includes creating more dynamic plays that utilize the middle of the field and enhance Jalen Hurts’ strengths as a dual-threat quarterback.

  • How can Jalen Hurts enhance his role as the Eagles’ quarterback?

Hurts can enhance his role by improving his decision-making skills, especially post-snap. This involves a deeper understanding of defensive strategies, quicker and more accurate responses to defensive movements, and developing a stronger mental approach to the game.

  • What are the critical changes needed in the Eagles’ offensive line?

The Eagles need to strengthen their offensive line and revise their protection schemes to better handle aggressive blitzes from defenses. This could involve recruiting new talents, re-strategizing blocking schemes, and potentially giving Hurts more control over adjusting protections pre-snap.

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