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Milestones and Achievements WNBA
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Las Vegas Aces: Pioneers of the Court

Key Points

  • The Las Vegas Aces have made WNBA history by selling out their season tickets for the 2024 season, a first in the league’s 28-year history.
  • This achievement highlights the team’s immense popularity following back-to-back championship victories and sets a new standard in fan engagement and support in women’s sports.
  • The Aces introduced a new logo and uniforms, signifying a fresh era and a commitment to blending tradition with innovation in the team’s branding and identity.
  • The team’s success and strategic changes, including the anticipation of star performances and leadership under coach Becky Hammon, point towards a promising future and continued growth of the WNBA.

A Milestone for the Ages

In a groundbreaking achievement that has set the sports world abuzz, the Las Vegas Aces have not just broken a record; they’ve shattered the glass ceiling of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) by selling out their season tickets for the 2024 season. This historic sell-out is a testament to the unparalleled prowess and charisma of the back-to-back WNBA champions, marking a first in the league’s rich 28-year history. It’s a resounding declaration of the Aces’ dominance on the court and their magnetic appeal off it, carving a niche as true pioneers in women’s basketball. The team’s achievement is not merely about selling tickets; it’s about setting a new standard of excellence and fan engagement in professional women’s sports, proving that the Aces are a powerhouse that commands attention and respect across the basketball community.

With the Michelob ULTRA Arena poised to host 19 electrifying home games throughout the 40-game regular season, the atmosphere promises to be electric. The arena, with its capacity to accommodate around 10,000 fans, will witness every dribble, pass, and basket of the Aces’ quest for glory. Offering 8,600 season-ticket memberships, with a notable 40% sold at the entry price of $200, the Aces have not only showcased their on-field brilliance but have also emphasized their commitment to making the game accessible to a wider audience. This strategic move underscores the team’s understanding of the value of their fan base, further solidifying their position as leaders in promoting inclusivity and excitement in the world of professional basketball.

The Buzz Around 2024: Anticipation at Its Peak

The air is thick with anticipation as the Las Vegas Aces prepare to launch their 2024 season, riding the wave of their spectacular 2023 championship victory over the New York Liberty. This victory not only cemented their status as titans of the WNBA but also set the stage for a historic quest for a third consecutive title—a feat not seen since the Houston Comets’ legendary four-peat from 1997 to 2000. The prospect of witnessing the Aces’ pursuit of this unprecedented milestone has fans and basketball enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, creating a frenzy of excitement and support for the team. The Aces’ opening match against the Phoenix Mercury on May 14 is more than just a game; it’s the beginning of a potentially historic chapter in the annals of women’s basketball, further amplified by the team’s record-breaking ticket sales.

This year, the fervor surrounding the Aces is palpable, fueled not only by their on-court achievements but also by the allure of witnessing history in the making. With every seat filled, the Michelob ULTRA Arena will become a cauldron of passionate support, echoing the dreams and aspirations of a team on the brink of etching their names into the WNBA legends. The team’s ability to sell out season tickets is a clear indicator of their profound impact on the sport and its fans, serving as a beacon for the league’s growing popularity and the increasing recognition of women’s sports worldwide. The Las Vegas Aces have transcended the role of mere competitors; they have become a phenomenon, captivating hearts and igniting a fervent anticipation for what promises to be an unforgettable season of basketball.

Beyond the Game: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

The Las Vegas Aces’ journey is a compelling saga of evolution, marked by a seamless blend of honoring traditions while embracing the winds of change. In the wake of their groundbreaking ticket sales announcement, the Aces unveiled a refreshed brand identity, symbolized by a new logo and uniforms, signaling a new era for the team. This rebranding, featuring a chic silver, white, and black color scheme, not only pays homage to the team’s heritage, tracing back to the San Antonio Silver Stars, but also reflects a strategic pivot towards a future of growth and broader appeal. The introduction of this new visual identity, coupled with the team’s on-field success, illustrates the Aces’ commitment to excellence and innovation, both of which are crucial for sustaining momentum and engaging with a diverse fan base.

This blend of tradition and innovation extends beyond the visual rebranding; it permeates the very fabric of the Aces’ culture and operations. Under the astute leadership of head coach Becky Hammon, and with the spotlight increasingly on emerging talents like Caitlin Clark, the Aces are not merely focused on winning titles. They are dedicated to pioneering a new narrative in the WNBA, characterized by dynamic growth, inclusivity, and a deep connection with their community. The excitement generated by the new season, the anticipation of future triumphs, and the strategic enhancements to the team’s branding and outreach efforts underscore a holistic approach to building a legacy.


  • Why did the Las Vegas Aces sell out their season tickets for the 2024 season?

The Las Vegas Aces sold out their 2024 season tickets due to their immense popularity from winning back-to-back WNBA championships, which boosted their fan base and attracted significant attention to their games.

  • What changes did the Las Vegas Aces make to their branding and uniforms?

The Aces introduced a new logo and uniforms, transitioning to a color scheme of silver, white, and black. This change reflects a new era for the team, maintaining a connection to their heritage while embracing a more modern and inclusive brand identity.

  • How does the Las Vegas Aces’ historic ticket sale reflect on the WNBA’s growth?

The historic ticket sale by the Las Vegas Aces is indicative of the growing popularity and recognition of the WNBA. It highlights the league’s success in engaging fans and expanding its audience, demonstrating the increasing appeal of women’s professional basketball.

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