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Buckeyes Blaze Trails to the WNBA: The First-Round Draft Phenoms from Ohio State

Key Points

  • Ohio State’s guard Jacy Sheldon is highly anticipated to be selected in the upcoming WNBA draft, potentially becoming the sixth Buckeye to be drafted in the first round.
  • The Ohio State basketball program has a storied history of producing top-tier talent for the WNBA, with several players making significant impacts in the professional league.
  • Notable Ohio State alumni, such as Kelsey Mitchell, Tayler Hill, Samantha Prahalis, Jantel Lavender, and Jessica Davenport, have been first-round picks in the WNBA draft, showcasing the breadth of talent the program nurtures.
  • Ohio State’s influence in the WNBA is poised to grow, with the program’s commitment to excellence and development of players who achieve professional success, highlighting the future potential of Buckeyes in the league.

The Path to Stardom: Ohio State’s Draft Dreams

In the whirlwind of anticipation that defines the path to the WNBA draft, the spotlight shines brightly on Ohio State’s guard Jacy Sheldon. With her name circulating in numerous WNBA mock drafts, the buzz is palpable, fueled further by Ohio State’s coach, Kevin McGuff, acknowledging the presence of league scouts at practices and games. This intense scrutiny suggests that Sheldon, in her final stretch of eligibility, is on the cusp of joining an elite cadre of Buckeyes. Should she be drafted in the first round, Sheldon would etch her name alongside the storied athletes who have not only dominated at Ohio State but have soared in the WNBA. This moment is more than just a personal milestone; it’s a testament to the relentless drive and exceptional skill that define Ohio State’s basketball program.

The anticipation of Sheldon’s potential selection adds a thrilling chapter to the legacy of Ohio State in the WNBA. It’s a narrative woven with dreams, hard work, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence that has characterized the Buckeyes’ basketball ethos. As the draft day approaches, the excitement is not just about where Sheldon will go but about the continuation of a tradition. Ohio State’s history of producing first-round talents speaks volumes about the program’s ability to nurture and propel athletes to the pinnacle of women’s basketball. This pipeline of talent to the professional leagues underscores the significant impact that collegiate programs have on the broader basketball ecosystem, highlighting Ohio State’s pivotal role in enriching the WNBA with top-tier talent.

A Legacy of Excellence: Buckeyes in the WNBA Draft

The tapestry of Ohio State’s contribution to the WNBA is rich with stories of exceptional talent and remarkable achievements. The narrative is peppered with first-round draft picks who have transitioned seamlessly from college stars to professional standouts. Kelsey Mitchell, a beacon of Ohio State’s prowess, was selected second overall in the 2018 draft, a position that underscores her phenomenal college career and her impact in the WNBA with the Indiana Fever. Her journey from collegiate record-holder to a professional standout exemplifies the caliber of athletes Ohio State nurtures. Close on her heels, Tayler Hill and Samantha Prahalis have also left indelible marks in the WNBA, with their first-round selections serving as milestones in Ohio State’s storied basketball history. These athletes have not only excelled on the court but have also embodied the spirit and dedication that are hallmarks of the Buckeyes’ legacy.

This lineage of first-round talents from Ohio State is a testament to the program’s enduring legacy of excellence in women’s basketball. It reflects a culture of high performance and resilience, characteristics that are instilled in players from their first day on campus. As these athletes transition to the professional stage, they carry forward a legacy of excellence that has become synonymous with Ohio State. The stories of Mitchell, Hill, Prahalis, and others are not just personal triumphs but collective achievements that shine a light on the program’s ability to develop players who not only excel at the collegiate level but also make significant contributions to the WNBA. This legacy of excellence serves as a beacon for future generations of Buckeyes, inspiring them to reach for the stars and continue the tradition of making an impact at the highest levels of basketball.

Trailblazers of the Court: Ohio State’s WNBA Success Stories

Jantel Lavender and Jessica Davenport represent the pinnacle of Ohio State’s contributions to the WNBA, showcasing the diversity and depth of talent that the program produces. Lavender, with her historic selection and subsequent professional accolades, embodies the transition from collegiate excellence to professional success. Her journey in the WNBA, marked by an all-star selection, the Sixth Player of the Year award, and a championship ring, underscores the potential for Ohio State’s players to not just reach but excel in the professional league. Lavender’s story is one of perseverance and excellence, mirroring the ethos of Ohio State’s basketball program and serving as a guiding light for future Buckeyes aspiring to professional greatness.

Similarly, Jessica Davenport’s journey from a high draft pick to a significant WNBA career illustrates the broad impact Ohio State players have had on the league. Her career, marked by notable performances and a role as a key player for multiple teams, highlights the readiness with which Buckeyes adapt to and excel in the professional arena. Davenport’s transition from college to the WNBA serves as a blueprint for success, demonstrating the comprehensive preparation and skill development that Ohio State provides. Together, Lavender and Davenport’s careers offer compelling narratives of ambition, skill, and success, underscoring the profound influence Ohio State players have on the WNBA. Their stories not only celebrate individual achievements but also the collective legacy of Ohio State’s basketball program, which continues to inspire and propel athletes towards their dreams in the WNBA.

Seizing the Spotlight: The Future of Ohio State in the WNBA

The potential selection of Jacy Sheldon in the upcoming WNBA draft represents not just a personal milestone for Sheldon but a continuation of Ohio State’s rich tradition of molding players who make significant impacts at the professional level. This moment, ripe with anticipation and promise, reflects the broader narrative of Ohio State’s role in the landscape of women’s basketball. Each player’s journey from the Buckeyes to the WNBA reinforces the program’s commitment to excellence, showcasing how Ohio State not only hones the athletic prowess of its players but also instills in them the resilience, determination, and skill necessary to thrive in the professional arena. As Sheldon stands on the precipice of this exciting new chapter, her story becomes intertwined with those who have gone before her, collectively illustrating the vibrant legacy and promising future of Ohio State athletes in the WNBA.

Looking ahead, Ohio State’s influence in the WNBA is poised to grow even stronger, driven by a pipeline of talent that continues to emerge from its basketball program. This enduring legacy is a testament to the program’s ability to adapt, innovate, and remain at the forefront of collegiate basketball, preparing players not just for the next step in their careers but for the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the professional stage. As each new generation of Buckeyes steps into the spotlight, they carry with them the legacy of their predecessors, poised to push the boundaries of what is possible and continue the tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with Ohio State basketball. The future of Ohio State in the WNBA is bright, fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to developing players who are not only outstanding athletes but also influential figures in the world of women’s basketball.


  • Who is Jacy Sheldon and why is she significant in the context of Ohio State basketball and the WNBA?

Jacy Sheldon is a guard for Ohio State’s basketball team, anticipated to be a first-round pick in the upcoming WNBA draft. Her potential selection is significant as it continues Ohio State’s legacy of producing top-tier basketball talent for the professional league, potentially making her the sixth Buckeye to achieve this distinction.

  • What achievements do notable Ohio State alumni have in the WNBA?

Notable Ohio State alumni such as Kelsey Mitchell and Jantel Lavender have made significant achievements in the WNBA. Mitchell is recognized for her scoring prowess with the Indiana Fever, while Lavender has received an all-star nod and was named the 2016 Sixth Player of the Year, in addition to winning a championship ring with the Los Angeles Sparks.

  • How does Ohio State’s basketball program contribute to the success of its players in the WNBA?

Ohio State’s basketball program plays a crucial role in the success of its players in the WNBA by fostering a culture of high performance, resilience, and skill development. This preparation not only helps players excel at the collegiate level but also equips them with the qualities necessary to thrive in the professional arena, thereby contributing to their success in the WNBA.

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